Unlimited Growth help directly in your Slack


I believe in knowledge as a service and Slack as a platform.
Therefore I offer my help directly into your Slack workspace.

Perfect for

  • Growth Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Mobile marketing

I have extensive knowledge in mobile marketing in multiple industries and can help you with acquisition, retention and monetization strategies. 

My domains expertise that can bring value to your business:

  • Growth Strategy
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    Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
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  • check
    Mobile Marketing
  • check
    Access to my expert networks: digital marketing, engineering, data science, design...
  • Product localisation
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    Team culture and setup
  • check
  • check
    Marketplace dynamics 
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    And much more... 


Really Good Emails

How does it work? 

  1. Subscribe to the offer: 459€/month
  2. Send me an invite to your Slack workspace. (You'll receive instructions on how to after step 1)
  3. I'm in your Slack and ready to start helping!

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