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Where to find your MailChimp API key?

Why do you need an API Key? Any API key is a secret token that is used to identify the root of a request. You can need to connect to applications together. For example, sending your MailChimp subscribers to an e-commerce platform like Shopify.

How to create custom Discord animated Emojis?

Before leaving for some extended time off, I wanted to share how to create custom Discord animated emojis with my colleagues and also open source this super scientific creative process. Why Discord Emojis? Over the past 4 years, I have created many animated custom Discord emojis for my friends.We use Discord emojis for all kinds…


TL;DR: I’m excited to announce my new project:

No, you can’t have a Slack profile picture gif.

I’m sorry but, No. You can’t have a Slack profile picture gif.¬†

Discord for Business. Good or bad Idea?

More companies are starting to use Discord for their business rather than Slack. There are some clear pros and cons for using Discord, so let’s see if Discord for business a good idea? I won’t go too much into comparing with Slack as I’ve already looked at the comparison between Discord and Slack.

Email Marketing Segmentation – Sharing my 2020 best practices

That’s the one thing you should get right in email marketing. Email Segmentation. In my main email marketing strategy, segmentation plays a big role. Without it, you could not send the right campaign to the right user. Let’s look at it under the hood.

Airbnb email marketing: everything you need to know

Email marketing plays an important role at Airbnb. We are sending bilion of emails at scale. Here is a central location to find everything you need to understand the strategy and tools Airbnb has used over the years.

Twitch marketing is real

Let’s talk about Twitch marketing. In 2013, I discovered that Youtube could be a substantial driver for business growth. It was our main acquisition channel through partnerships with influencers on the platform. I can see this repeating today with Twitch. The platform is getting more and more attention beyond its original gaming audience.

The most effective Email Marketing Strategy to implement

When I read other email marketing strategy blog posts, I mostly see tactics on what your email should include (clear CTA,¬†personalization, segmentation…). But nothing on the process you need to follow in order to create your strategy. So I boiled it down to the easiest lifecycle you need to have in your email marketing strategy…

Slack vs Discord

I use Slack and Discord in 2 different environments: business and gaming. Both are great but what sets them apart? Side-by-side features comparisons are already available, so I won’t go too much into this type of review. I’m more interested in the competition between the platforms: Slack and Discord. The gaming universe vs the business…