Email Marketing Course

Email Marketing Course

I partnered with Clickminded to create an email marketing training for their digital marketing course.

Watch this video to discover what you’ll learn in my Email marketing Course available on Clickminded.

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Topics covered in the course:

  • What is Email Marketing? 
  • checkEmail marketing strategy 
  • The email marketing framework
  • checkSubscriber segmentation strategy
  • checkOptimizing your email campaigns
  • checkCampaign Calendar
  • Automation
  • checkTracking & Deliverability
  • checkNew Campaign Walkthrough
  • checkCopywriting & Design
  • check[Bonus] Favorite tools + Chatbots

Email Marketing course Certification

Earn Your Certification

The class includes a certification. Finish the class, pass the final exam and you’ll earn your email marketing certification.

It integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn and it’s included in the class for free.

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