Hi. I’m Lucas Chevillard.

Lucas aka chelucas on the internet.

​French and living in Berlin, Germany since 2013.

Seasoned growth consultant with over a decade of experience in marketing and sales for EU and US marketplaces.

Rogue YouTube creator who believes in the power of behind the scene content.


Previously, I worked at Matchmade where I lead the sales and marketing team in order to grow the advertiser side of the platform.

Prior to the that, I was at Home. A double-sided marketplace on a mission to make the renting experience better for landlords and tenants.

And even before that, I was working at Airbnb.

Where I started as an email marketing specialist in 2014, you can read about my work back then in this interview with ReallyGoodEmails.com.

Then transitioned to a Growth Marketing Manager. My goal was to create long-term and profitable growth through retention. Using multiple marketing channels and creative tactics.

I also have spent time with the Airbnb SEO team and wrote about it in this Medium post.

Over the years, I also have supported many startups as an advisor or consultant to help them make sure they reach their deserved growth.


I like to build stuff on the internet. Over the years, I have experimented with many ideas and a lot don’t have any online presence anymore.

But I still manage a few sites like one to help you find email service providers or some niche e-commerce shops.

You can also read my blog posts on email marketing and other topics that I cherish. Like this one on email quality score or Is this the future of growth experiments?


Between 2013 and 2017, I have been an active content creator on YouTube a French gaming channel. Making around 300 videos, reaching 50K subscribers and 7M video views.

Since then, I believe in the power of the platform for creators and brands.

If you have a visual B2C product, I’d love to help you be successful on YouTube.

Get in touch

lucas at chelucas.fr or Linkedin