Is Discord for business a good solution?

Discord for business

More companies are starting to use Discord for their business rather than Slack.
There are some clear pros and cons for using Discord, so let’s see if┬áDiscord for business a good idea?

I won’t go too much into comparing with Slack as I’ve already looked at the comparison between Discord and Slack.

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Slack vs Discord

Slack vs Discord on

I use Slack and Discord in 2 different environments: business and gaming.
Both are great but what sets them apart?

Side-by-side features comparisons are already available, so I won’t go too much into this type of review.
I’m more interested in the competition between the platforms: Slack and Discord.

The gaming universe vs the business world.
Do they overlap? Can they live next to each other or will one take it all?

That’s what I’m discussing in today’s post.

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