Rethinking the Email Blast. Tips for doing it in 2019

What is an email blast?

What is an email blast?

We refer to an email blast when we send an email to the entire list of subscribers.
Also known as email broadcast.

The email blast usually provokes this reaction for the receiver:

Receiving an email blast is the worst

Let’s take a look at how we can avoid this.

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Email Quality Score

Email Quality Score Explained

I received a couple of questions on the email quality score after mentioning it during the interview for Really Good Emails. Let’s explain it properly.

Basically, it shows you how many people are annoyed versus how many people are delighted by the emails you are sending them.
So if you or your brand care about the right frequency and the best content for your emails. This is the metric for you.

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How to use Slack? 5 tips to be more efficient

Slack keywords feature

I’m a big fan of Slack. Maybe too much (e.g. I like to create custom emoji).
So I started to use more shortcuts and native features to remain efficient when Slacking.

Here are my 5 tips on how to use Slack for making the best of the tool and working effectively in it.

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How to create custom Slack Emojis?

Before leaving for some extended time off, I wanted to share how to create custom Slack animated emojis with my colleagues and also open source this super scientific creative process.

Why Slack Emojis?

I’m a big fan of Slack, it empowers our global team to communicate asynchronously and share one team culture. It is part of our daily job so why not make it more fun.

Over the past 4 years, I have created many animated custom Slack emojis for my colleagues.
We use Slack emojis for all kinds of reactions: celebrate achievements, friendships, anniversaries and more.


Duration: ~4 min per emoji
Skill needed: creativity
Required tools: Adobe Photoshop or similar tool to create an image file (.gif or .png)

If this already sounds complicated.
I will make your Slack Emoji!

Order yours now!

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